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In a recent interview with Patrick Parnis, Director of Parnis & Associates we talk about his recent achievements. He has been awarded Best Health and Safety Consultant, Best Health & Safety Consultancy Firm, and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award during Malta’s Real Estate & Property Development Awards 2021.

MBR: Will you provide an overview of your role leading PARNIS & ASSOCIATES and how you focus your efforts?

PP: My role at P&A is to lead the organisation in becoming one of the leading Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems Consultancy Service Provider in Malta. P&A provide a full suite of consultancy services to companies wishing to improve their Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems. We facilitate the implementation and certification process to ISO9001, ISO45001, and ISO14001 International Management. Our focus is to retain and nurture a good relationship with our customers, take on challenges and push to be better – professionally and personally.

MBR: What have been the keys to PARNIS & ASSOCIATES's strength and leadership and how do you define the PARNIS & ASSOCIATES difference?

PP: We are committed to facilitate the implementati on of effective Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management Systems, placing Good Management Practices at the heart of our clients’ organisations. Our clients are the focus of our business activities and we act fairly and ethically in everything we do.

MBR: What is the target market for Parnis & Associates business and is it primarily focused on large, local corporate clients?

PP: We service all types of companies whatever the size.

MBR: You recently participated in Malta's largest Real Estate, Property Development & Architect Awards 2021, organised by Dynamic Events Ltd. Can you tell us your level of involvement? Have you managed to achieve any success and what significance do these awards bring to the surveying society? Can you also give us brief feedback on the gala ceremony?

PP: Participating in this event was an excellent experience for P&A. We succeeding in taking home three awards - Best Health & Safety Consulting Firm of the Year, Best Health & Safety Professional of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement Award. I believe that these awards are important as they showcase upcoming players and excellence within the industry. It is always great when someone recognises you for your hard work.

MBR: How critical is it to build a diverse workforce to resemble the diversity of Parnis Associates's clients?

PP: Our aim is to build a diverse, experienced, and flexible workforce to be able to serve the various industries. The exposure and the knowledge gained working in a number of industries enable us to serve a good portfolio of clients ranging from oil & gas to manufacturing, construction, film, events and services companies.

MBR: Do you feel that there are strong opportunities for women to lead in the industry? What advice do you offer young women interested in a career in the industry?

PP: I believe that it is important to do everything possible to help create a more gender-balanced world. Certainly, women have come a long way, but there is still much more we can achieve. During my career, I have worked with very competent women and I understand the many challenges they encounter. However, I have also seen their determination to gain knowledge and press for progress. Therefore, women, if empowered, can easily work in a male-oriented technical role but we’re not quite there yet. The strengths and contributions women can bring to the profession are immeasurable.

MBR: As PARNIS & ASSOCIATES has grown in size and scale, how important has it been for the company to maintain its entrepreneurial spirit and focus on innovation?

PP: Seven years ago, I committed to openining my start-up company. I motivated and empowered myself to create my own business. Today, I run a small firm backed by a handful of seasoned associates. I embrace my entrepreneurial spirit with innovation.

The new cloud software solution HSEQutive was purposely developed to introduce new best practices to health and safety professionals. Leading a company is about seeing the big picture. It is being agile and never resting on your laurels, shaking off the norm and seeking out new innovative approaches. It is about taking ownership and pride in your firm.

MBR: Last year during Covid-19, PARNIS & ASSOCIATES have launched an innovative cloud-based solution HSEQutive. Can you explain to our readers the purpose of this technology?

PP: After years of working in Health & Safety, I have developed an innovative cloud-based solution so we may efficiently and reliably assist serious developers, contractors and professionals improve their work and safety management at construction sites.

The solution facilitates the health and safety inspection processes. We achieve this by eliminating report-writing time after inspections and providing for response to corrective action requests ensuring robust monitoring and transparent mechanisms are in place. To sum up, the system provides for the evaluation of the overall safety performance at construction sites. For more info visit our website.

MBR: What is your vision for PARNIS & ASSOCIATES and how are you thinking to drive repeat businesses and generate a very long-term relationship with your customers?

PP: Our vision is to thrive for excellence in whatever we do. No job is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on our practical approach, leading our customers to attain their business objectives thanks to our focused attention, professionalism and integrity.

Article courtesy of MBR Publications Ltd which was published on the Malta Business Review Magazine.

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