Parnis & Associates Profile

HSEQ Certification:

Parnis & Associates is currently assisting small and major players to streamline their approach to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Certification. This help is given with processes and procedures that directly relate to their business.  Whilst doing this, we always ensure that we are complying with local and international standards.

What we Offer:

The company delivers practical solutions to meet individual clients' requirements. We do this through the provision of appropriate resources and ensuring effective management consultancy services. Parnis & Associates take pride in developing ISO Management Systems in a manner that suits the company’s business model. We also coach staff to implement improved processes.

How we can Help your Business:

With ever-increasing workloads and challenging targets, many decision-makers struggle to maintain full compliance with their company and regulatory requirements. This is where Parnis & Associates can be of added value to organizations. We can take the strain and support your business through challenging times and provide opportunities for improvement, training and integration of HSEQ into business activities.

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